If you enjoy the French cuisine in Kyoto ≪PONTOCHO MISOGUIGAWA≫


French cuisine served in Japanese Kaiseki Style.

[Pontocho Misoguigawa] is founded at Pontocho of the ancient capital Kyoto in 1981. The building is venerable former-teahouse and has the atmosphere of pure Japanese style. We serve the traditional and classical French in Kyoto ceramics. We have sent the fusion of Japanese culture and French esprit to all over the world for 27 years. This restaurant is the existence of pioneer about that to establish the genre "French place of meeting" as a new unique Japanese food culture style. We are introduced as Japanese three-star restaurant by "Evasion" of French guidebook and "Frommer's Japan" of American guidebook. They evaluate us high class. This restaurant keeps moving foreign guests with food-culture of Kyoto.


About chef

chefシェフ patronパトロン Teruo Inoueイノウエテルオ


1947 born in Tokyo 1962 He intends to be a cook at "Suganuma Kaikan" in Shinjuku, Tokyo 1964 entered "Tokyo-Kaikan" that is the most venerable in Japanese French circles. He learned the traditional and classical French that established "Belle Epoque" lead by Raymond Olivier.

He flourished at the meeting of political circles and VIP of the world. 1981 opened "Pontocho Misoguigawa" as a French place of meeting in Pontocho of Kyoto.

Meanwhile he participated in French lessons that held by chefs of three-star or two-star French restaurants, and got various senses, high quality techniques, and views. He has also been to France every year to buy the wine in Bourgogne directly, and commission the self-brand chocolate "Maison d’it" to Paris chocolatier. He cherishes "a once-in-a-lifetime chance", and enjoy meeting guests from all over the world.






Main Awards and Accolades.

1972,10 a director of headquarters of all Japan Cooks Association in Social corporation in Kyoto
1989,06 a member of "Academy Culinaire De France"
1993,04 director of Kyoto French Cooks Research Association
1994,07 a member of Escoffier Association of Social corporation, received Disciple award
1996,02 a member of Toque Blanche international club, received Diplome award
2004,02 received Kyoto excellent technician award
2006,07 received Agricultural Testimonial Chevalier Award