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WASHIN literally means "to speak with the heart in harmony."
At the counter of our WASHIN room, you will be able to taste traditional French dishes “à la carte” in a casual, kappo-style atmosphere. It is a unique place where you can enjoy the peace and take your time to savor our dishes that bring out the flavour of each ingredient in complete tranquility.

With its built-in hori-gotatsu table warmers, the KIBUNE room invites you to make yourself comfortable in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Cherry blossoms in the spring, greenery in the summer, fallen leaves in the autumn, and snow in the winter - each season brings a unique scenic touch to our KIBUNE room, offering you an incomparable view during your fine dining.


If you wish, we can arrange a geiko (geisha) or a maiko (geisha apprentice) to be present.
Please do not hesitate to ask us when you make your reservation.

In the KAMOGAWA, TAKASE, KATSURA and SUIKA rooms, you will find tranquility and the traditional atmosphere of the time when the building was a tea house. With a capacity of two to sixteen people, our rooms are perfect for engagement dinners, business dinners, family reunions, and various other celebrations or gatherings.

YUKA is a patio built on the Kamo River. Gazing at the gentle flow of the water and enjoying the cool breeze blowing across the river while experiencing the flavours of the season is one of the great summer traditions of Kyoto. At Pontocho Misoguigawa, we invite you to come experience this tradition of Kyoto while enjoying our fine French dishes. The blend of French cuisine and Kyoto’s atmosphere is sure to impress.