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Restaurant business hours

  Special Lunch Kaiseki “NAGOMI”
15,730 Yen(including service charge and consumption tax)
  Lunch Kaiseki “MISOGI”
9,680 Yen(including service charge and consumption tax)

If you wish, we can also prepare you the courses from the evening menu, please do not hesitate to ask us.

  Dinner Special Kaiseki “YURAGI”
43,560 Yen(including service charge and consumption tax)

In our ZASHIKI Tatami rooms, we will prepare you a variety of thoughtful dishes using an abundance of carefully selected luxurious ingredients. As this course requires to be pre-arranged the day before, please make a reservation of two or more people two days in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

  Dinner Special Kaiseki “KOTO”
26,620yen(including service charge and consumption tax)

Come and discover the richness of our cuisine and the beauty of our refined dishes.

  Dinner Kaiseki “MIYABI”
18,150yen(including service charge and consumption tax)

The classic kaiseki course with “balance” as its charm.

Just imagine enjoying an “à la carte'' menu at the counter of the WASHIN room…
French fromage in one hand, a glass of wine in the other while having a nice chat in the peaceful atmosphere.

French cuisine served in a purely Japanese atmosphere and style. This unique combination of Japanese spirit and French tradition is what makes this WASHIN so charming. Here, you will be introduced to the Japanese version of counter culture - a form of culture much appreciated by the locals here in the ancient capital of Japan - and experience an atmosphere with yet another slight twist compared to the "French kaiseki" served in our tatami rooms. We hope that you will enjoy the flavors of the restaurant with a dish of your choice, accompanied by a glass of wine or champagne specially chosen and brought back from the domaines of Burgundy by the chef-patron himself. 

The service charge is not included in the initial prices shown above. There is no reservation fee. 
※The information of the dishes presented on this page is for reference only. 

Service charges

Private room 10%
Common room 10%
WASHIN “à la carte” menu counter seat 10%

The chef-patron of Pontocho Misoguigawa will ask individuals about their tastes and desires, as well as dietary needs, to arrange a course best suited for the individual using mainly seasonal ingredients selected by the chef-patron himself. The menu presented on this page is only an example. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

Request examples:

  • Vegetarian course
  • Religious or other restrictions on ingredients
  • Seafood course
  • Special requests for desired ingredients
  • Allergies or dislikes
  • Others