Avec Devouement et Soin.

Toute la delicatesse de la cuisine traditionnelle Francaise en harmonie avec le raffinement de la culture Japonaise.
As new styles and cuisines are born, classic styles can fade away.
Misoguigawa is dedicated to preserving the traditional style of French cuisine established in the "Belle Epoque" period. We infuse the spirit of this period into our original French kaiseki dining style, created with artistic sense and imagination.

At Misoguigawa, you can enjoy seasonal ingredients served in beautiful handmade Kyoto ceramics in the traditional Japanese atmosphere of Kyoto. .

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  • To ensure that we are able to give your visit the attention it deserves, customer for lunch hours are kindly requested to make a reservation by the day prior to the date of your intended visit. Thank you for your cooperation.
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French cuisine served in Japanese kaiseki style. Kyoto trabel guide